Muddy Waters

I write this evening with the sounds of Washed Out in my ears and the tingling afterglow of a long overdue massage throughout my body.  The folks at Hand and Stone were kind enough to give me a generous discount after helping shoot a pilot TV show on location a couple weeks ago.  The stone massage was something I was in desperate need of, and something I can recommend it to anyone.  Kristin, my masseuse, asked if I often carried heavy equipment.  ”Oh, only all the time,” I moaned as she squashed my kinks.  I didn’t have to tell her about the Epic work day I had just two days prior, she could feel it in my aching back.

The pain did not come without a fantastic event though.  The unfortunate morning that followed a night of ‘socializing’ with old friends began at 5AM for an early morning road trip to the Midway Truck Stop in Columbia.  It was time for another Epic Mud Run put on by Ultramax, one of my favorite gigs.  A day full of mud, great people ready to take on the world, and a plethora of things to shoot.  With an 8 hour shooting window, there’s no rush or stress to get what you need, but that didn’t stop me from running with the dirty bulls.  There was even time at the end of the 12 hour day to take a few trips down the water slide. One of these times I’m going to run the entire thing; if I don’t have to shoot it that is.

I close tonight with the cinematic masterpiece Children of Men.  Every time I watch it I fear that today’s society is beginning to mirror the dystopian world depicted in this film more and more, but I like to pretend to be optimistic.

More pictures of the Epic Mud Run here.